Love your kids and help them discover who they are.

It really is that simple.


Trans-Parenting is an organization dedicated to providing support and educational resources to parents and their advocates (pediatricians, mental health professionals, lawyers, schools, friends, family, and churches) raising a gender independent child.


We are happy to help our community improve the understanding and acceptance of gender variant children through open conversations and presentations. Our outreach efforts include speaking to medical and therapeutic professionals, universities, religious organizations, local school districts and at political events.

Kansas City Metro Area


Gender Pathway Services (GPS) at Children’s Mercy Hospital
Phone: 816-478-5254

Chuck Franks, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Phone: 816-885-2526

Michael Henderson, MS, LPC
Phone: 816-841-7772

Scott Fieker, LPC
Swope Health Services
Phone: 816-926-7645, ext. 6670

Emily Foltz, MA, PLPC, Certified Gender Therapist
Phone: 816-256-4724

J. Alyce Collins, BA, Counseling intern
Phone: 913-735-7045

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